In 4G-LTE (Long-Term Evolution)/5G-NSA (Non-Standalone) mobile networking scenarios, particularly scenarios involving mobile network virtual operators (MVNOs) or roaming where the control plane and user plane portions of a Serving Gateway (SGW-c and SGW-u) and a Packet Data Network (PDN) Gateway (PGW-c and PGW-u) can be managed by different entities, there can be a discrepancy in the Internet Protocol (IP) versions on the user plane interface of the S5 and S8 interfaces (S5/S8-u) of both an SGW‑u and the PGW-u. IP version support of the S5/S8-u interface is not considered during the SGW-c or PGW-c selection process at a Mobility Management Entity (MME), leading to complications, particularly in networks without a dual stack. As a result, there can be rejections and a negative impact on user experience due to a mismatch in the IP versions between an SGW-u and PGW-u. In order to address such issues, techniques are proposed herein through which service parameters can be provided to an MME via Domain Name System (DNS) signaling, such that the MME can choose an appropriate SGW-c and PGW‑c pair based on the supported IP version for a corresponding SGW-u and PGW-u.

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Creative Commons License
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