Frequently Asked Questions

What is Technical Disclosure Commons (TDCommons)?

TDCommons is a website that hosts technical disclosures from various different companies and individuals. Many of these technical disclosures are defensive publications, published for the specific purpose of preventing subsequent patenting of those ideas. Defensive publications can boost patent quality by creating prior art that prevents the issuance of overly broad or obvious patents.

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What are the benefits of using Technical Disclosure Commons?
  1. Free to publish. Cost does not have to be a factor when making defensive publication decisions.
  2. Free to search. Anyone can search for publications on TDCommons - no subscription required.
  3. Accessible through any search tool. The entire repository can be indexed and served using any search tool, including Google Patents, making it easier for patent examiners and the public to find TD Commons publications.

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How are publication dates assigned to Technical Disclosure publications?

The website automatically generates a publication date reflecting the date the submission was uploaded to TDCommons. This date appears on the site for the submission and also on the front page of the PDF of the submission.

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Who is the publisher of Technical Disclosure Commons?

The website is operated by bepress at the request of Google, Inc.

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How much does it cost to join Technical Disclosure Commons?

Nothing! TDCommons is free to use.

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How can a defensive publication be submitted to Technical Disclosure Commons?

Get started by selecting the Submit a Defensive Publication link on the right hand side of the website as highlighted below.

Submit to TDCommons

An account needs to be created before a submission can be uploaded. Create an account by selecting the sign up link highlighted below.

Sign Up on TDCommons

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