Switching between applications is a frequent activity. Currently, the list of applications available to switch to is sorted based on recency of use, requiring the user to perform complex navigation actions to locate and switch to a target application. Further, the list excludes apps that are not currently running. When a large number of apps are running, such a recency-based display of apps is inconvenient, especially if the user intends to switch to an app that was not used recently. This disclosure describes techniques, implemented with user permission, to personalize the sort order of apps that are displayed when a user initiates app switching. In particular, apps may be sorted in the list based on the frequent-next-app order, based on analyzing the user’s usage pattern. The history of next-app usage may be weighted based on recency. Further, if the user permits, the context within the current app (that is active when the user initiates app switching) can be used to sort the applications that are displayed when the user initiates app switching.

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Creative Commons License
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