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This disclosure relates to the field of computer managed digital print production. Production managers want to monitor and act on production while away of the production site. This happens because, among other reasons, last minute production priority changes or devices availability (for example, device stops working/failure or not properly calibrated). Additionally, there might not be operators on the production site (for example, disattended printing or overnight printing) to perform required checks or actions on devices or production upon production manager request. Unless inbound connections are open to local networked hosted solutions and/or devices, current cloud-based applications (webapps) allow to monitor what devices are currently doing but not act on them. The solution/process disclosed with Remote Device Printing Job Queue Management will allow: - Easy connectivity while maintaining security and not requiring opening inbound connections to intranets. - Easy act on production while devices are working unattended and not requiring managing multiple software for that. - Use a local service (dedicated hardware is optional) to act as interface between local devices (intranet), cloud services (internet) and printing submission software (i.e., RIPs -Raster Image Processor - software).

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Creative Commons License
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