During an online teleconference, participants may interact with each other through a variety of audio sources or devices. In some instances, a teleconference participant may switch between audio devices during a teleconference. Automatic gain control (AGC) functionality provided for clients of a teleconference system is typically designed to balance audio volume during a teleconference regardless of the audio device being used. However, AGC adjustments can be delayed for converging to a reasonable volume range. Proposed herein are techniques to address such issues by providing a volume matching table that can be used to provide optimal volume parameters for different audio devices that may be used at a local client of a user that is participating in an online teleconference. In accordance with techniques of this proposal, when a participant joins a teleconference with a given audio device or switches their audio device during the teleconference, the user's client can consult the volume matching table to determine optimal volume parameters for an audio device used by the user.

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Creative Commons License
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