This disclosure describes techniques for space efficient placement of a T-Coil and T-Coil driver circuitry within a mobile phone. Per techniques of this disclosure, the T-Coil and T-Coil driver circuitry are combined with a proximity and light (PL) sensor into a single system-in-package (SIP) module for placement on a circuit board of the mobile phone. A suitable magnetic shield is provided to isolate the SIP module from other components on the circuit board. The additional height provided by the interposer places the T-Coil closer to a hearing aid of the user and improves hearing aid performance. The field intensity of a desired T-Coil signal (ABM1), and the ratio of desired to undesired magnetic components (ABM2) are measured for the described configuration to verify performance. Techniques of this disclosure can be utilized to design mobile phones (wireless handsets) that can meet the ANSI C63.19-2019 standards in a space efficient manner.

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Creative Commons License
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