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Today the majority of computer peripherals are equipped with either standard batteries or rechargeable ones. This disclosure relates to the field of displays and accessories and aims to introduce a magnetic mouse pad that, in collaboration with the mouse charges the device's battery, extending its overall battery life.

This concept leverages well-established principles from the field of physics, yielding results in energy generation. Specifically, the principles of Faraday and Gauss' laws serves as the foundation for elucidating how energy can be harnessed and effectively utilized in the context of the mouse pad and the mouse.

A solenoid will be incorporated within the mouse, while magnet(s) will find their place inside the mouse pad. This arrangement facilitates the generation of electric current as the mouse is moved across the pad. This electrical current, in turn, serves the purpose of recharging the mouse’s battery. Consequently, this system ensures that the energy generated will enhance the mouse’s operational battery.

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Creative Commons License
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