This disclosure describes techniques to automate the generation of application programming interfaces (APIs) within a cloud environment to support API compliance with API design patterns such as the API Improvement Proposals (AIPs) is maintained. Developers define APIs in a higher level, semantic language in terms of constructs defined in the ordinary prose of the AIPs. The configuration file is processed to generate API contracts (including standard boilerplate), documentation, remote procedure call (RPC) server code, client libraries, SDKs, authorization scopes, etc. Compared to traditional techniques of API creation, the described techniques result in compact, less redundant, more efficient specifications. The techniques focus both design and review on API semantics rather than on mechanical compliance with protocol/transport-level details. A substantial amount of developer and reviewer time can be saved. The vast majority of compliance with standards is automatically ensured. Mistakes in standards compliance are reduced or eliminated. The operational costs of API development, review, and maintenance are reduced.

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Creative Commons License
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