Users often meet someone new, or someone known that the user has forgotten. In such cases, it is typically useful to learn, deduce, or recall details of the person. This disclosure describes techniques, implemented with user permission, that help users in contextual identification of unfamiliar individuals they meet in various situations. Identification can be performed with appropriate permissions by applying computer vision and facial recognition to people’s photos and other relevant contextual information. Implementations can combine standard off-the-shelf components such as face recognition, speech recognition, OCR, AR, LLM, etc. Relevant cues about the individuals can then be proactively surfaced via suitable mechanisms such as augmented reality, audible alerts, etc. The techniques can be implemented to support any applications, services, or platforms, such as social media, ancestry websites/services, address books, etc., that involve databases of contacts and/or photos and/or relationships. Implementation of the techniques can help users recognize and remember people and engage in more fluid and socially appropriate interactions with them.

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Creative Commons License
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