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Aluminium anodizing has been used for finishing aluminium housings for electronic devices such as laptop computers and mobile telecommunications devices such as tablet devices and mobile telephony devices such as smartphones.

The whole aluminium anodizing process comprises three steps, pre-treatment, anodizing oxidization, and post-treatment. A key step in pre-treatment is chemical polishing. Chemical polishing a preparation step of anodizing the surface of the housing before the first anodizing step. The step is a selective-dissolution process, in which the high points of a rough surface of aluminium are attacked more rapidly than the depressions, and the peaks and valleys are smoothed to produce a bright and beautiful finish.

Phosphoric acid is most widely used in chemical polishing. This invention is a new design of chemical polishing formula with “No Phosphorus”, using other alkaline chemicals instead of phosphoric acid in chemical polishing step.

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