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This disclosure relates to the field of personal mobile electronic systems.

As right to repair mandates promote end user service of personal mobile electronic systems, a method to avoid accidental damage of non-rigid battery packs during service by the end user is warranted. The potential exists to damage the internal structure of a non rigid battery pack, typically constructed using lithium polymer cells, by dropping the battery or dropping a tool onto the battery. Damage to the internal structure of a lithium polymer cell can be catastrophic at the time of damage or at a later time.

For reasons of product cost and product design it is better if such protection is not built into every system with a battery. The dollar cost and product volume penalties to include the protective solution in every system at the time of manufacture would compromise the product’s sales. Product sales would fare poorly if it were more expensive and larger than comparable products in the marketplace. In these regards the most advantageous solution is best applied after market, only if needed, at the time of service.

Here, a method is disclosed which uses an articulating, protective housing with adhesive strips to protect the non-rigid battery pack from accidental drop and puncture during removal and replacement. The housing and methodology are applied after market at the time of service, eliminating cost burdens on every system with a battery thus maintaining competitive product designs.

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Creative Commons License
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