Mobile video calling requires determination of whether the available network is capable of supporting video calls. In Rich Communication Suite (RCS), such determination is static and is made at the time of call initiation. Such an approach limits usefulness of video share call functionality, e.g., when network conditions change during a call.

This disclosure describes techniques to determine at regular intervals whether an available network at a user location or cell site supports video calling. A network performance database is queried periodically to determine whether the network at a user’s location supports video calling. If video calling is supported, the video share feature is made available, prior to or during a call. When users provide consent, an update of the video share call feature status for a particular user is provided to the user’s contacts. The status of video share feature is dynamically changed based on changes in the available network conditions. The encoding rate for a codec used for the video call is determined based on the network conditions. The techniques can also be used to dynamically determine whether other enhanced calling features that are dependent on network quality are supported by the available network at a user location.

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Creative Commons License
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