In online payment systems that link a bank account of a user to a payment identifier such as a mobile number, the bank account can be used only by the user associated with the payment identifier. Since linking multiple payment identifiers to the same bank account is not supported, it is necessary that a separate account and payment identifier be set up for each person of a group such as a family, or to use cash or other payment mechanisms which are less convenient. This disclosure describes techniques that enable a primary user of a bank account linked to a payment identifier to selectively provide other users shared access to a portion of funds within the bank account. The funds can be accessed via an online payment system using a specialized payment code, e.g., a quick response (QR) code. The QR code encodes payment identifier information of the primary account holder and a spending limit. The QR code can be shared with a family member or any other trusted person. Payment requests can be initiated by scanning the QR code. The payment requests are authenticated using a hashed pincode associated with the QR code and once verified, are routed to the payment identifier of the primary user. If the amount is below the limit, payment is approved via the online payment system.

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Creative Commons License
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