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Knowledge of user-specific entities donated by various apps can enhance query answering performance of large language models (LLMs). However, system health issues can be caused if a donor app stores an excessive number of entities in the platform storage. This disclosure describes an app-content donation library with built-in mechanisms to prevent or reduce performance, reliability, and quality issues that can arise when third-party apps directly use a low-level donation API. When an app is uploaded to an application store (that makes apps available for installation on the platform), a verification procedure is performed to ensure that the uploaded app archive file uses a certified donation library. The verification procedure also ensures that access to low-level donation APIs is done using the donation library, e.g., using call-flow analysis. The verification procedure returns a list of verified apps that use the donation API and donate app contents in a legitimate way. App-specific caps are enforced for donated documents. The caps can be determined based on device capabilities and/or usage.

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Creative Commons License
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