Applications operating via network communications have long evolved from the use of basic data, as audio and video applications continue to evolve in terms of latency requirements and, as such, the number of differentiated flows (per application) continues to evolve as well. With applications evolving that are utilize low latency packet paths from network, it can be challenging to determine the latency of packets in a network that are associated with latency sensitive applications. This proposal provides techniques through which a new header can be embedded into packets in which the new header can be used to indicate the total-residence-time of a packet in various nodes in a network. The header can be embedded in each packet that is communicated from an origin to an end-node of a network and can indicate how much time the packet has spent in network. The header can be updated on every node by the value of the time the packet spent in each node in the network (i.e., residence time of the packet in a network node).

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Creative Commons License
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