Many users find it difficult to deliver presentations because of various personal challenges, such as stage fright, anxiety, speech impediments, etc. This disclosure describes techniques that enable a user to deliver presentations and answer audience questions confidently and effectively by employing an artificial intelligence (AI) application for automatically helping the user present as needed during a live presentation. With user permission, suitable machine learning models are used during a presentation to detect when the user is likely to benefit from help, e.g., due to feeling anxious or nervous as indicated by the user’s relevant biometrics, such as heart rate, skin conductance, breathing, voice patterns, etc. measured using appropriate sensors. When the likelihood of benefit from assistance is high, the presentation delivery can automatically switch to the AI helper application. The presentation can continue in the user’s voice, replicated using the AI helper application or from a prior recording provided by the user. The AI helper application can make the experience of delivering presentations more accessible and enable users to deliver effective presentations.

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Creative Commons License
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