The present disclosure relates to systems and methods to uniquely classify Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Route Target Filters for Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) and Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (L3VPN) networks. This includes a new mechanism for a BGP node to request the advertisement of selective EVPN or L3VPN routes based on a configured Route Target import list. This solution proposes to encode AFI SAFI fields in a RT Filter NLRI along with route target values, a new AFI SAFI based RT Filter capability which BGP speakers can negotiate to enable each of them to encode and decode this new RTFilter update message, and a new mechanism where the BGP receiver processes this RT Filter Update message containing the AFI SAFI information and advertise the selective EVPN, L3VPN routes from BGP RIB based on the route target, AFI and SAFI requested.

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Creative Commons License
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