Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to recognizing user input as a facial element and animating the facial element. Implementations of a computing system permit a user to provide user input, such as drawing via a cursor. For example, the user input is provided within an environment that comprises passthrough visuals of a real-world environment. Implementations of a user computing system can capture a real-world environment that includes a real-world object, and the environment displayed to the user can include the object. The user can draw elements (e.g., circles, other shapes, free form drawing, etc.) on the object. Implementations of a recognizer can detect that the user’s drawing is a face relative to the object. Implementations of an animator can animate the face on the object, for example via facial tracking of the user, predefined facial expressions, or any other facial animation techniques. The animated face anchored to the object can be shared with other users, such as via social application(s), messaging, streaming, and the like.

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Creative Commons License
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