Vineyard maps are important to various stakeholders in the wine industry. The maps can be used for harvest planning, grape variety management, effective resource allocation, disease control, vineyard expansion and planning, etc. However, such maps are mostly in the physical format, include a limited set of information, do not offer interactivity, are quickly outdated, and are limited to certain wine regions. Digital vineyard maps, where available, use technology that has several limitations. This disclosure describes digital maps that include up to date vineyard maps and that provide an immersive experience to users. Digital mapping technology, including terrain classification, user-provided labeling, etc., is used to construct digital vineyard maps with input from experts in the field of wine. Once constructed, the digital maps can provide up to date, immersive views of vineyards, with options to virtually view vineyards from a multitude of perspectives. The digital maps can also provide in-depth information about the vineyard.

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Creative Commons License
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