This disclosure describes techniques of simplified, prefix-based, bucket-access management. Buckets are created with prefixes that uniquely identify buckets belonging to the same project or access-control group. For easier access management, the name of the resource provided by the user is prepended with a multi-character prefix followed by a hyphen to obtain the name of the underlying bucket in the object storage backend. Prefix-based access enables different access types to be defined for each namespace. The list of generated prefixes is stored centrally as a resource, thus avoiding data leaks via leaky permissions. From a user and organizational standpoint, prefix-based access control is simple, and enables a very large number of access-control groups. For a given project, a user with access to bucket and role-binding creation can create buckets and attach predefined access roles (reader, writer) to other users to enable them to have access over buckets and their objects.

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Creative Commons License
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