Updating the software on edge Internet of things (IoT) gateways, at scale, requires enhanced levels of resiliency in the communication protocols and exchange mechanisms. Such devices may be deployed on unreliable networks with limited bandwidth. Consequently, such a device may need to complete a number of file retrieval retry operations (over, for example, the public Internet using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and a secure Uniform Resource Locator (URL)) over a long period of time to successfully download all of the different pieces of a relatively large software image. Techniques are presented herein that allow a cloud to configure a base file retrieval URL. Under further aspects of the techniques, a device may utilize its hardware-based utilities to generate a unique digital signature (which may be shared with the cloud for validation purposes), a portion of which may then be appended to the base URL to yield a single-use secure URL for each and every file retrieval operation.

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Creative Commons License
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