Colin Joseph Lacy


It is not uncommon for a person to grant another person or a third-party service access to one or more of the person's social media accounts for the purpose of posting information related to the service (e.g., a digital badge representing an accomplishment of the person, etc.) to the person's social media accounts. However, upon granting such access, it can be difficult to revoke the access without manual intervention. Presented herein are techniques that provide a standardized approach to granting limited-use and single-use authorizations for users or services seeking access to a person's social media account or, more broadly as referred to herein, a 'protected resource'. Techniques as presented herein can help to ensure that elevated privileges to a protected resource can be revoked as soon as a business need for another person or service to have such elevated privileges to the protected resource is complete. Rather than taking a time-based approach, a workflow-based approach is presented herein that specifies what actions a service can perform via a limited-use or single-use authorization, and what conditions can be used to trigger the removal of the elevated access to the protected resource.

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Creative Commons License
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