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The idea presented in this paper is related to a technique which when applied to a text search on a text document, in our case, a technical document with instructions for manufacturing lines, provides more relevant search results. Documentation in a manufacturing process is essential for traceability, change management, quality, and process control. A typical product manufacturing process requires a lot of technical and process documents to be maintained and these are updated and circulated throughout the manufacturing life cycle. With varying formats and natural language expressions used in these documents, the engineers’ task of summarizing precise information to carry on with their work becomes very difficult, often leading to missed particulars and affecting the quality of output. There are several text mining techniques that can find keywords and summarize content, but in this paper, we are focusing on the manufacturing technical document change management use case, and the technique of tracing the semantic content for precise summarization. This intelligence-based text mining technique provides more pertinent summary of the required keyword by uniquely defining context, understanding the semantic content, and tracing color codes.

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Creative Commons License
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