A digital key framework (e.g., that is executed by a computing device, such as a smartphone, a tablet computer, a smartwatch, etc.) may provide applications with data about a vehicle (e.g., a motorcycle, a bus, an RV, a semi-trailer truck, a tractor or other type of farm equipment, a train, a plane, a drone, a helicopter, a personal transport vehicle, etc.) to enable the applications to provide more integrated, contextual, and helpful services. The digital key framework may serve as a dedicated interface for applications (e.g., navigation applications), enabling seamless integration with various services and functionalities. Such integration may allow mapping and navigation apps, car-sharing platforms, service providers, and other applications to access contextual information provided by digital key framework, enhancing their offerings and providing more personalized experiences to a user. Other benefits may include, but are not limited to, efficient maintenance management, convenient refueling/charging assistance, optimized route planning, increased vehicle safety, seamless family sharing, parental controls and restricted driving, and other innovative use cases.

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