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The present invention relates to the retractable rotary control knob application at home cooking appliances (hob and oven). More specifically, the invention relates to knob movement for a cooking parameters selection and its retraction effect with latching, for the scope knob protection and keeping unchanged of the selected cooking parameters through cooking process.

For the reason of the major knob application security, it is appreciated that the knob could be retracted from extracted OFF position (e.g.:12h) only.

The knob retraction effect is obtainable from its extracted OFF position, being pushed by user into knob-housing by the constant force, when the knob remains retracted and latched in its end point within the knob-housing, remaining there axially and radially blocked (no rotation, no axial movement along switcher axes), in OFF position, which enable the selected cooking parameters changeless and the knob protection from the splashes of fat food residues and mechanical damage. Also, the knob retractable feature enables a higher appliance protection when in packaging and transport. In particular, the knob retractable feature enables the child-lock and elder people protection effect, nowadays both very appreciated.

Accordingly, the scope of the control knob retractability application is to ensure, a bigger security for the cooking appliance user (the child-lock and elder people protection) as well the knob protection through the cooking process.

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