This disclosure describes techniques to perform self-diagnostics in optical devices such as pluggable optics. The pluggable optic includes a light source that can transmit a pulse of light of short duration. The pluggable optic additionally includes a receiver that can detect reflected/scattered signals. A short duration pulse is transmitted by the pluggable optic during self-diagnostics. Presence of contaminants on the end face of the connector can cause light from the light source to be scattered and/or reflected back towards the receiver. The optical signal characteristics, e.g., intensity, angle, etc. of the signal received at the receiver can be utilized to characterize any contamination that is detected. For example, a level and orientation of the contamination can be determined based on the received signal. The result can be displayed as a code of digits that indicates the nature of the contamination. Different codes can correspond to different levels and orientation of contamination.

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Creative Commons License
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