Display crease at the folding area and display waviness are common problems affecting foldable OLED displays. This disclosure leverages the concept of mean curvature to quantify the crease/waviness of a display using data obtained from a surface profile scanner. In contrast to conventional measures of crease and waviness, the described techniques are insensitive to the angle of tilt of the sample under measurement. The concave, convex, and flat geometries of the surface can be clearly identified and visualized, with local details undiluted by high measured values. The average cross-sectional mean curvature as defined herein can show the bending status of the cross-section clearly and can accurately estimate the visual span of the crease in a manner consistent with human perception. The average surface mean curvature as defined herein can effectively quantify creases and obtain accurate, reliable, and repeatable measurements. The techniques are applicable to regular as well as irregular crease shapes.

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Creative Commons License
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