Mining is one of the oldest industries known to man, and it continues to remain essential for the prosperity of modern civilization. Compared to surface mining, a large number of disasters are likely to occur during underground mining. To ensure the safety and security of an underground working environment, it is critical for underground mining operations to employ a robust and efficient monitoring infrastructure. To address that need, techniques are presented herein that support an increase in power savings in Internet of things (IoT) devices by leveraging a Wi-Fi infrastructure to determine when, and how frequently, such devices should wake up to send or receive data. Aspects of the presented techniques employ an access point’s (AP's) channel state information (CSI) data, in conjunction with data from an AP’s on-board sensors (for metrics such as air quality, altimeter, temperature, and humidity), to detect indoor occupancy which, in turn, may drive the Target Wakeup Time (TWT) for selected IoT devices.

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Creative Commons License
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