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Large Format Printers are IoT devices that send data to the cloud periodically. Data being sent includes the total ink consumed by the printer up to that day or information about cartridge consumptions. Ink cartridges for large format may be bought online, but delay is expected between the moment the cartridge is bought and the moment the ink supply arrives to the customer. This means that some previsions must be considered when buying another supply or there is the risk that the printer will not be able to print. In addition, ink inside supplies has an expiration date. This means that it is expected that after certain number of years after manufacture Image Quality using this ink will decrease significantly. This document describes a smart alert for the customer to be able to buy the appropriate supply proactively. The alert will recommend the best capacity of the supplies for each color to the user considering metrics such as their usage patterns to ensure that the ink inside will not expire at the end of the life of the supply.

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