When watching video content, users often skip to specific moments within the video, rewatch specific parts, or navigate between sections of interest. Such actions are supported via user interface elements such as a scrubber bar with a scrubber knob that display the progress and current playback position within the video, respectively. This disclosure describes techniques for display of UI components and timed metadata related to the playback of video content. The UI helps viewers find and navigate to specific marked moments or sections of interest within a video. When a user scrubs a video using the scrubber bar or scrubber knob inside the start and end bounds of a segment, the corresponding chapter is highlighted within the scrubber bar by increasing the size and/or contrast of the segment and the knob within the bar. Increasing the size provides a zoomed-in view of the bar that makes it easier for a user to interact with the scrubber bar and knob to find the position of interest as well as to see smaller marker segments contained within a larger chapter segment. In addition, the UI includes annotations that provide relevant information, such as title of the segment, thumbnail and timestamp for the frame at the scrubber knob position, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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