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Remote work is becoming a mainstream of working type. The virtual working type is

giving a chance to workers that they can work anywhere and anytime if their working

desktop is capable to perform effectively in different working environment. Audio input

and output devices are very important accessories to help on working productivity, and

users need to manage them very carefully from using speakers and mic while they switch

every meeting session. This innovation concept is trying to provide a friendly and a smart

audio management mechanism so that users don’t need to check audio devices while using.

Instead, this smart audio management system can auto detect which audio device is better

for users by determining current working scenario and environment. It can predict which

preferable audio devices for users and then switch it so that we can provide a seamless

user audio experience in different working sessions. The audio management can learn from

user behavior from user data and device data as well as detect audio devices so that it can

manage audio devices on behalf of users.

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Creative Commons License
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