Public-Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) dial-in is a common way to join a teleconference (e.g., a teleconference meeting, etc.), which could be an audio-only teleconference or a video teleconference in which the audio portion of the call involves a PSTN path). Many teleconference vendors provide toll-free numbers and/or other PSTN numbers that can be used to dial-in to a teleconference. However, PSTN call-in processes for teleconferences have not evolved much in the last decade and often experience problems. This proposal seeks to address various problems/challenges associated with current PSTN call-in processes for teleconferences by providing novel techniques in which an extension is provided to the Secure Telephony Identity Revisited (STIR) Personal Assertion Token (PASSporT) JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Web Token (JWT) that includes a new claims section that can be encrypted and secured end-to-end (e2e) such that only an enterprise and/or a teleconference cloud can view the claims section, which can help a meeting cloud to learn an enterprise identity of a participant, can be used to enhance call experience while joining meetings, and/or can help users move from enterprise phones to mobile phones during meetings (e.g., switching audio).

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Creative Commons License
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