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This disclosure relates to the process of recovering the non-solidified powder in additive manufacturing

systems using binder jetting and powder bed fusion technologies. Typically, the powder recovery from

the build platforms is a manual operation that consists of aspirating the powder particles through a

nozzle. The powder is transported to a tank using a vacuum system.

With the current set of nozzles, aspirating the powder is slow and labor-intensive. The material

transport pipes are often clogged, and the nozzles are stuck against the build platforms surfaces. The

processing time is highly variable and dependent on the operator's ability, which is not acceptable in a

mass production environment.

A new set of nozzles has been engineered to solve these problems. The idea consists of adding

additional air entrances to the vacuum nozzles, apart from the main inlet where the powder is suctioned.

This concept helps improve the performance, repeatability, and user experience of the powder retrieval


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