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The invention relates to a kitchen system, particularly to an oven system, providing operation choices based on the prediction of consumer behavior. The oven system comprises an application based on algorithms to detect patterns. The term “Pattern” in this invention means a pattern indicating repeating settings of a product in order to perform the expected task. On the other hand, it is similar that when people do things, we perform them in an individual sequence, and such a sequence runs frequently.

The application based on the algorithms collects and analyzes behavior over a certain time frame about repeating usage and used settings, wherein the time, day of a week, temperature, selected function, duration of heating, and targeted foods are parameters to be analyzed. When the user switches on the oven of the system in such a period, the oven displays the normally used settings in terms of the determined pattern. The user just needs to confirm contents from the oven UI (User interface) and then trigger the function.

Furthermore, the system collects and analyzes settings, duration, and user interaction, when the oven is switched on, e.g., on /off, function, setting, door opening, durations, core temperature targets, core temperature at a disconnect, core temperature when oven switched off, etc.; likewise, the system keeps the same actions even if the appliance is off. Accordingly, when the user wishes to use the appliance, the proper settings can be displayed automatically to simplify the interaction between the appliance and the user.

Accordingly, the system enables the user to save his/her operation time.

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