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The invention relates to an application included in a kitchen system, particularly to an oven assistance application. The kitchen system further comprises a smart device and an oven, wherein the application is stored in, functions on the smart device, and is configured to control the operation of the oven, e.g., temperature control, image capture, brightness modification, and so on. The application has at least one access to transmit information in a word, sound, or image form to a social platform via internet. While starting to obtain a signal including information from the oven, the application is configured to adjust the environment parameters of the cooking cavity to optimize the original signal, including target information, e.g., an image sequence or an image. Thus, the application can obtain the initial signal based on the user’s expectation.

Accordingly, the oven assistance application of the invention improves the initial signal quality and optimizes the outputted image and image sequences on the social media.

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Creative Commons License
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