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In the fast pace of technological innovation, Printer is an endlessly evolving product which is

experiencing new innovations and will keep continue to experience in the future.

As consumers are becoming keen more towards new technologies, the need of new and smarter ways

of printing and scanning using enhanced technological methodologies to achieve seamless flows will

probably be one of the mainstays for innovation in the business of printing.

For printing sectors, innovation in printing and scanning is must to stay productive and competitive.

New ways of printing and scanning should be focusing in helping consumers work faster, smarter, and

flexibly and achieving these while saving valuable time and money.

In today's world, all Multi‐Functional‐Printers support a basic feature called ‘can to Email’ With this,

user can scan a document and email it.

In business organizations, scanning documents such as accounting, purchasing, contracts, proposals,

etc and emailing them to clients can reduces paper costs and long‐distance fax charges.

Similarly, in educational institutes, scanning and emailing documents such as publications,

applications, registration, admissions and class schedules, report cards etc reduces time, money and


This idea focuses on providing a new and innovative method of scan to email feature, using which user

can use automatic document feeder (ADF) to scan pages, select the range of paces from the scanned

document and email the selected pages to single or multiple email addresses as different jobs in one


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Creative Commons License
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