This publication describes systems and techniques to indicate to a user of an electronic device remaining battery life in terms of a number of activities that can likely be performed before the battery’s power is depleted. The user interface (UI) or operating system (OS) of many electronic devices, such as those of smartphones, provides an indication of remaining battery life in terms of a percentage of a fully-charged battery. For example, when a battery is halfway depleted, the electronic device indicates fifty percent (50%) remaining power. Many users are not, however, able to convert a percentage of total battery charge into a quantity of activities that can be completed before the battery’s charge is exhausted. Described systems and techniques monitor recent activities performed by a user and an amount of battery usage per activity. A battery module computes how many of each of these activities can be completed based on the per-activity battery usage and a remaining battery percentage. The battery module uses the UI to indicate a number of activities that can be completed prior to the battery being depleted or reaching a critical level. In these manners, the user can tailor usage of the electronic device to ensure that important tasks are completed before the battery dies.

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Creative Commons License
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