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After printing a build using a Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, the build unit is disconnected from the printing

unit containing all the 3D printed parts. Once the powder of the build unit is cold enough to extract the

parts, the unit is emptied and connected back to the printer to start a new printing process. The cooling of

a build in the build unit takes a considerable amount of time and the unit cannot be used for other purposes

during this time.

To extract a warm build out of the build unit for external cooling, an internally generated envelope is printed

around the build, to ensure that the print quality of the non‐cooled parts is not affected during the early

extraction. The proposed invention describes a method to process and print the build envelope, a 3D part

with no specific part quality requirements but with the need to be easily broken and minimize the material

and ink usage, in a way that the quality of the user parts of the build remains the same after its early

extraction and without being affected by the printed build envelope.

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Creative Commons License
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