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It is a common practice in enterprises such that when sending confidential documents across, it has to be digitally

signed to maintain both the integrity, confidentiality and establish sender identity.

When there is need to print such digitally signed document, user need to verify the signature on the PC first and then

has to give it for print. When the document is directly sent to the recipient or to the web enabled printer as e-print job

through cloud, there is no way he can verify validity and integrity on printer itself as of today.

The proposed solution addresses the need to how a recipient can print a digitally signed document without the need

for any PC to verify the signature. It describes how a digitally signed document being sent as e-print job will be rendered

on cloud to fetch sender credentials, how to send credentials to printer, a proposed design solution to verify signature

on the printer and a way to enable user to accept sender validity and then allow print.

This avoids lot of hassles for user to understand the verification process as printer can do it for him. Even when

submitting the document from PC, there is no need to verify signature on PC. Instead printer can handle that as it would

have the same root CA installed on it. In case if there is no CA installed on PC to verify the signature, printer can

efficiently handle if it has proper CA installed.

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Creative Commons License
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