A system and method for implementing vocabulary building into existing dictionary assistance function in an e-reader are disclosed. The vocabulary builder helps the user improve his vocabulary in a number of ways. When the user highlights a word to seek meaning, instead of presenting with the meaning directly, the system will store in memory and present the context in which the user had asked for its meaning previously. The system may present a dialogue box with previously read sentences and snippets in which the word was present. The dialogue box also presents buttons “Got it” OR “Need help”, which in the latter case gives the dictionary meaning. If the user had previously asked for meanings of synonyms of the word in question, then the system would provide the user with a dialogue box, presenting those words like a quiz game, to be identified in snippets or sentences the user had read before. The system and method make the e-reader device more interactive and interesting. Also, the user would find that enhancing his vocabulary while reading could be fun. Scoring in the quiz and further attempting to score more will give improve the reader’s sense of self confidence and enhance the learning process.

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Creative Commons License
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