Disclosed herein is a mechanism for adjusting user nameplates in online conversations. The mechanism can include determining that a user that is not registered with a service has been invited by a registered user to participate in an online conversation. In response to determining that the unregistered user transmits a request to post a message to the online conversation, the mechanism can transmit a registration request to provide user account information. In turn, the mechanism can generate a user pseudonym or adjusted nameplate that replaces the previous nameplate used in the online conversation, where the user pseudonym can incorporate previous nameplate information, user account information, user information from the inviting user, and/or updated nameplate information for the newly registered user. The mechanism can determine whether to replace the previous nameplate information in the online conversation with the user pseudonym for a given period of time prior to attributing messages in the online conversation with the updated nameplate of the newly registered user. The mechanism can also present notifications to participants of the online conversation regarding the use of the user pseudonym.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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