Disclosed herein is a mechanism for connecting devices based on captured image data. A streaming media device can transmit content information indicating content that is currently being presented on a display associated with the streaming media device to a server device. A user device can transmit image data (e.g., captured by a camera associated with the user device) to the server device that represents content that is currently being presented on a display device. The server device can, in turn, compare the content information received from multiple streaming media devices with the image data received from the user device to identify a streaming media device that is currently presenting the content represented by the image data transmitted by the user device. The server device can then determine whether the user device has permission to access the identified streaming device, and can transmit a reference to the user device that allows the user device to connect to the streaming media device and to control the playback of content using the streaming media device.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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