Disclosed herein is a mechanism for presenting indications of available alternative search results associated with a voice query. In response to receiving a voice query on a user device that instructs a system to cause a media content item to be presented on a particular media device (e.g., "play Artist A on bedroom television", the mechanism can parse the query to identify a group of candidate media content items each corresponding to a result in a group of results associated with the query and can assign a keyword to each of the results in the group of results. The mechanism can cause media content associated with a top result (e.g., a result determined to be most relevant to the query) to be presented on the media device indicated in the voice query, and can cause indications of the keywords corresponding to one or more of the other results in the group of results to be presented. The mechanism can allow a user to issue a second voice query that includes one of the keywords, where the second voice query causes a different media content item corresponding to the spoken keyword to be presented.

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Creative Commons License
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