Aspects of the disclosure are directed to a positioning device for a pendant of an audio device. An example positioning device may include a cable attachment mechanism, a pendant coupling mechanism housing at least one magnet, and an elongated arm. The pendant coupling mechanism may be configured to be removably coupled to the pendant of the audio device so as to maintain the pendant in a substantially fixed position. The elongated arm may be flexible and space the cable attachment mechanism and the pendant coupling mechanism apart from one another. Headphones producing bone conducting audio cause vibrations in a user’s bone or cartilage. The transducers vibrate the user's inner ear indirectly via vibrations in the user's skull or other bones or cartilage in the user's head proximate to where the transducers are positioned. Sound is perceived by the user primarily via the cochlea in the user's inner ear while bypassing the user’s ear drum. If the bone conducting transducer does not make adequate contact with the user's skull, sound quality is lost.

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Creative Commons License
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