The present disclosure relates to a smart pen and related method for quickly and effectively differentiating between content created by writing or marking on a writing surface with the smart pen and other content contained on the writing surface (e.g., pre-existing written or printed content). For example, the smart pen may be provided with a specialized type of ink that is configured to reflect light when illuminated with a given light source, thereby allowing the ink to be easily identified or detected within images captured via a camera of the smart pen. As a result, when images of the writing surface are captured in synchronization with the light source being activated or turned on, the ink applied to the writing surface may be clearly identifiable and detectable within the images, thereby allowing the camera to differentiate between the content generated via the smart pen and any other content included on the writing surface. Keywords associated with the present disclosure include: smart pen; writing device; fluorescent ink; camera; ink detection; writing detection.

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Creative Commons License
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