A virtual, intelligent, or computational assistant (e.g., also referred to simply as an “assistant”) is described that is configured to perform one or more actions to prepare a destination for a user’s arrival at the destination. The assistant may use a wide variety of data sources to predict that the user is on their way to a particular destination (e.g., home, work, a vehicle, etc.). The data sources may include location information, date and time information, user calendars, user history and/or habit data, etc. Based on the prediction, the assistant may cause one or more devices at the particular destination to perform one or more actions (e.g., adjusting a climate control setting, opening a garage door, unlocking an entry door, turning on one or more lights, playing music, adjusting temperature, brewing coffee, preheating an oven, disabling an alarm, etc.). This way, the assistant may automatically (i.e., without requiring user input) prepare the particular destination for the user’s arrival

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Creative Commons License
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