A virtual, intelligent, or computational assistant (e.g., also referred to simply as an “assistant”) is described that is configured to work with other users’ assistants to schedule events (e.g., appointments, bookings, etc.) on behalf of a current user and the other user(s). For instance, user A may request that their assistant schedule an event with user B (e.g., user A may say “find and book a data that user B can join me for dinner”). User A’s assistant identifies the user referenced by the request (i.e., user B), communicates with user B’s assistant to negotiate a date/time for the event (e.g., a mutually convenient date and time based on both user A’s schedule and user B’s schedule), and creates an entry in user A’s calendar for the event at the negotiated date/time. The assistants may perform the date/time negotiation subject to authorizations received from their respective users.

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Creative Commons License
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