A three-dimensional (3D) audio laser for VR systems is provided. The 3D audio laser is a system that includes a laser pointer and a dedicated audio location control. The system uses sound to orient a user to a virtual object and to provide an audible description of the virtual object. A location and a name (or other description) of virtual objects in the VR environment are known to the VR system. When the user aims the laser pointer at a particular virtual object and selects the dedicated audio location control, the VR system plays a series of tones with simulated locations at specified distances between the user and the virtual object. The distances are known to the user (e.g., given in the user manual for the VR system). After the series of tones is played, the name or description of the virtual object is played. The user can thereby discover the name and location of the virtual object, even if it the user cannot visually determine them.

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Creative Commons License
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