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A virtual, intelligent, or computational assistant (e.g., also referred to simply as an “assistant”) is described that recommends purchases based on recurring user behavior. The assistant monitors shopping lists of its users to determine which items get added to the shopping lists and under what circumstances. The assistant monitors other user behavior, particularly with regards to purchases made (e.g., when, where, and under what circumstances) and develops rules for predicting what items the users will want to purchase and under what conditions. The assistant outputs recommendations based on the rules for adding predicted items to shopping lists. In some implementations, the assistant is configured to determine when and if to set up recurring orders, and to suggest or create a schedule for such orders, for some items based on the developed rules to free users from having to remember to manually purchase items. This way, the assistant automatically recommends items the assistant predicts the users will need, when the assistant predicts that the users will need them.

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Creative Commons License
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