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A virtual, intelligent, or computational assistant (e.g., also referred to simply as an “assistant”) is described that automatically generates grocery lists for preparing one or more meals or other events. The assistant is provided with a meal plan (e.g., a menu of one or more meals or dishes). The assistant parses the meal plan into individual recipes and from the recipes, generates a list of ingredients and respective quantities. The assistant then creates a shopping list from the ingredients list. The items in the shopping list may be grouped by meal or dish, item type, store location, need for refrigeration, date of meal, or some other way. A user may review the list while shopping at a physical store or may interact with the assistant, or apart from the assistant, to manually or automatically order the items online. The techniques are applicable beyond just groceries and could be used for generating other types of lists: the assistant may automatically generate any lists containing items that are needed to execute a specific plan. Other non-limiting examples include packing lists based on events, tool lists based on projects, route lists based on events, and so on.

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Creative Commons License
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